Janice and Grant Hollings, Testimonial.  17 August 2012

Janice grew up with a British Bulldog in her family and has wanted another since we met.  Grant’s idea of this beautiful breed however was not much more than seen in cartoons and the grand old Bully alongside Leo McKern on TV’s ‘Rumpole of the Bailey.’   We have found since discovering Doukraan Bulldogs that bulldogs are much more than preconceived perceptions could ever suggest.

As residents of Western Australia we spent considerable time doing our due diligence of the British Bulldog and its breeders throughout Australia.  We were not happy with what we found so looked to home (NZ).  Finding Patricia, Kieran and Doukraan Bulldogs was an absolute stroke of luck in our favour.   Doukraan Bulldogs in our opinion simply cannot be beaten.  We were welcomed as part of the family from our first contact, through to Patricia’s subsequent interview and all contact since.  Every question is answered promptly and comprehensively.  That alone is both a blessing and a rarity.

Our preference was for a red pup simply because of where we live.  The temperature extremes here in the North West are enough of a test for a Bulldog without putting our girl “Stormy” into the extreme sun which we suffer year round.  Patricia kept us fully informed of mating success, whelping schedule through all happenings prior to arranging shipment to Australia.  The puppy pack shipped with her is a great idea and jam packed with info.  Storm made the trip in style meeting us in Perth while Patricia waited for our call to confirm her safe arrival.  Two days later we made it to our home with Storm quickly making it hers too.

Our experience to date shows that Patricia and Kieran can rightly be proud of their puppies with Stormy daily portraying the traits which show she most definitely will be a companion for life.  Patricia did say Storm would find any way she can to get all the attention she desires, we can say without hesitation she succeeds at each attempt.  We doubt if there is a single person who has entered our home since Stormy’s arrival that has not fallen in love with her attention seeking antics, behavior and those looks she throws around so nonchalantly.

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