ULTRA Dog Food 

Our Preferred Dog Food

After due diligence, we feel fortunate to provide ULTRA Dog Food.  Products sourced within New Zealand and it is made daily (you can smell the freshness of the product). 

All the minerals and vitamin composition is tested 'POST' baking (all others provide these tests prior to baking, knowing the baking process kills much of the goodness).

The Fish biscuits are more expensive, IT IS NEW ZEALAND SALMON - only the best.

This product range has a great source of blood worm (great source of iron).

Ultra use only organic chelated (bonded) minerals and produced daily.  There are no GMO (genetically modified) products and there is a sensitive range fish and potato for dogs with allergies. All the ingredients are organic where possible.

After trialling the product, this is how we apply the types to our range of dogs.

·  I have 2 fussy eaters who are too busy and don't put on weight.  I am using Fish                     and Potato - a great product to assist with weight gain.

·  I have 3 older dogs I have to maintain a healthy weight (not gain), I am using Fish and           Rice to ensure they are eating what is required and not gaining weight.  (I would use the       Adult Maintenance on the balance of my adult dogs, however THEY LOVE FISH AND            RICE, so Fish and Rice it is.)

·  The pups will get a blend of Ultra Canine Puppy and Fish & Rice.  For my pups up to 4         months, Ultra Canine Puppy only, then a blend until 1 year old.

·  At any time my older dogs OR an injured dogs requires joint assistance, I am very happy       to have 'Joint Supplement' in this range.

      The above application is for my dogs.  Please review the range of products as you know your dog best.  Know that this product is very healthy and will make for a more satisfied and healthy fur member.

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Further information is available on www.jacanlil.co.nz