Our history.......

I have always loved bulldogs, and I introduced Kieran to the breed with our first Bulldog Cinderella (Cindy).  We ruined her by spoiling her rotten.  She got away with everything.

We found an excellent pedigree match up Sire for her first litter and fell in love with puppy Jupitor (Jupitor Almighty of Doukraan).  He blew us away in his debut specialty show by winning Baby Puppy in Show.  We were encouraged to continue showing.  We were very ‘green’ at the time and didn’t understand the bulldog growth spurts and how they can go ‘off’ for a period.  With many disheartening comments we started focusing on Cindy, who quickly got to 26 Best Bitch awards.  Jupitor was reintroduced to the shows at 24 months to reach his Bronze Certificate before we retired him to focus on the next generation.

During this time, we acquired 2 more girls (Cindy’s grand-daughters) and watched them grow, all the while asking a lot of questions and seeking knowledge from the experienced breeders.  Once the girls were old enough for breeding we requested the use of a dog with English imported lines and were richly rewarded with 4 boys.  From this point we continued talking to experienced breeders, each mating matching pedigree and type as best we could.  Each litter improving the breed and what we had already before us.  We are here today with a very healthy, strong and well-bred selection of bulldogs.  Utilising the strength from an Australian and English pedigree blend, we have the diversity to continue building on our success.  

A bit about us and our philosophy:…….

We invest love and care for our bulldogs, they are all family members. They are raised to respect our home, our rules and each other; therefore they have access to our home and us at all times.

We invest time in taking our Bulldogs to dog shows.  This enables us to have a credible opinion of our dogs, ensuring we are not kennel blind to our type, or overlook breed faults.

We believe when a bulldog pup enters a new home, they should quickly become an asset to the family; therefore we invest time from birth, handling the pups.  From 3 weeks old they are raised in our dining/lounge area and have access to us, our children and the bigger dogs to embrace a family environment.

From 3-4 weeks old, to compliment mum’s milk, we slowly introduce runny premium brand biscuits, with puppy milk and sour cream etc to help develop good bulldog bone and muscle.  Also the countless hours spent handling the pups, gives you a lifelong companion that has been given the best possible start, as all loved and hand reared animals do.

Our recompense for this;

Are puppies we are proud of,    

Who grow into healthy adult bulldogs,    

Who are loved by their adoptive families