Andoni - Jan 2014

As an avid lover of bulldogs and a first-time-owner I can highly recommend Tricia and Kieran as breeders who are both passionate about and committed to the breed. Even before meeting them I was highly impressed by the fact that when I made inquires they answered promptly and enthusiastically, giving plenty of information and valuable advice. What also made a particular impact on me was that Tricia and Kieran inquired into my personality and my reasons for wanting a bulldog, showing that every dog, even those they are not keeping is important to them.

On travelling to their home when Andoni was 6 weeks old, my family and I were also impressed by the fact that not one dog was confined to a cage or enclosure and I believe that this reflects on their philosophy of breeding "Free Range Bulldogs." Not only the puppies, but even their oldest bulldog, Jupitor, was full of energy and friendly. When it came to collecting Andoni it wasn't a matter of simply handing the dog over as Tricia assured that she would always be glad to help and provided us with an outstanding guide, personalised to caring for Andoni. This was something our local vet had never come across before in his long career and has helped me significantly and added to my confidence as an owner.

Everyday, passers-by are drawn to Doni and comment on how "gorgeous" he is and say that they have never seen a more lovely natured dog. I am very, very proud of my boy and could not ask for a better companion. I am very grateful for him.

J.J. Economu