Sabrina - December 2013

Thanks for my beautiful smart little girl Sabrina. She is such a character and pleasure to have in my life and most everyone else’s that I know too.

Tricia has been so supportive and it seems like a lot longer than two years since Bella (my daughter) and I picked up Sabrina as a wee pup. I contact Tricia pretty much monthly for advice and to update her on how Sabrina is going. I contact her because if there’s anybody else who is as passionate about Sabrina’s wellbeing as I am its Tricia.

When you get a bulldog from Doukraan you will quickly find that it’s a rare privilege. You will have a bulldog among bulldogs (Just look at some of what’s on offer out there).  Most of all you will have a very special addition to your family. Yes the English Bulldog requires a little different care than other breeds but that’s part of the uniqueness and only adds to the joy of ownership I think anyway. 

Thanks again Tricia, Kieran and family


George & Bells - Australia (relocated from NZ with Sabrina)

(Sabrina pictured at 2 years old)