Kate - Born Jan 2015

testimonial date: Oct 2015

Tempted to write a funny one too hehehe


Matt and I had liked the Bulldog breed for a long time and when we were ready to look at getting a dog,

We were very lucky to come across Doukraan Bulldogs.

Tricia was very helpful discussing all of the eccentricities of bulldogs and was very thorough finding out about us and our current dog, Holly.

When we received our Bulldog pup, we were given a very detailed folder on what to expect and how much to feed and care for our puppy.

Our Bulldog girl is now the love of our life and has fitted in beautifully to our family.

Whenever we have had a concern, as nervous first time Bulldog owners, Tricia has always been available to talk to and give advice.

Tricia has also always been available when we call or text her to brag and laugh about our Bully girl and all of the fun we have with  her.

We are hoping to get another Bulldog in the future, and we will definitely be asking Tricia to help us select our next puppy with her.

We would highly recommend Doukraan Bulldogs as a breeder of Bulldogs and also the dogs they produce.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about getting a Bulldog puppy.


Be warned, they are very addictive and you will fall hopelessly in love with your pup.

 Kate - 9 months old

And the funny one…..

We were really excited when we first received our bully pup,

We thought we had done a lot of homework on this breed and were ready for the snoring, little did we know what was to come……

First of we had to purchase special flannels as bullies cant clean themselves, secondly we have learnt to clean the walls around the crate, there is a constant supply of bully snot hehehe

Thirdly, my god can they clear a room when they fart and fourth, Matt is now very jealous at all of the attention Kate gets and thinks he is missing out.

Stubbornness is a common trait and you will spend hours watching and laughing at your pup with the antics they get up to. We can lose hours just watching her play

Wait for the adorable sounds they make, our girl sounds like a wee spoilt child and at times can replicate the noise of a two stroke motorbike to perfection.

We have found bullies to be very attention receiving, whenever you go out you will be inundated with admirers of your beautiful dog.

Our pup will bark at a leaf blowing by but didn’t manage to wake up when my son forgot his key and climbed in the window in the middle of the night.

If you are wanting an early riser, wrong breed. We often get up in the morning to a snoring sleeping dog who doesn’t like to be disturbed at 6am and is more than happy to sleep through to 8 if allowed.

But if you are wanting the ultimate best friend who will do anything to be with you and will love you unconditionally, this is the breed for you.

Thanks Tricia for our beautiful wee (hehe) girl and heres hoping she doesn’t get too much larger.