Ash & Robyn Testimonial

- dated 2012

Hi everyone, if it’s a bulldog you are after, then Patricia and Kieran’s Doukraan Bulldogs in our opinion is the only place to go.  We have two bullies, both from Doukraan Bulldogs.  We were only going to have one, but Daisey, our first, was such a delight we just had to have another, Meg.  They don’t have a grumpy bone in their bodies. They are devoted and loving girls. They obviously come from a warm, loving environment from the time they were born, until we took them home.  They are down the beach most days running around madly with no issues with breathing.  Nice square dogs with no bone problems or skin issues!   

We are in touch constantly with Kieran and Patricia as over two years have passed, as we always like to keep up with bully stories of the antics our girls get up to.  If you want the best service, the best advice and the best care, go no further than right here---all the best Ash and Robyn