Massey University Veterinary Hospital have diagnosed brachycephalic breeds (short nose) often suffer from acid reflux.  The breathing tube inserted during surgery can graze the throat tissue.  A dog that appears to have recovered well from surgery can have the reflux acid irritate the grazed throat and swelling can occur causing the throat to narrow/close causing death.  This terrible possibility can be prevented by having your vet prescribe 'Losec' anti-acid pills for the first 14 days post surgery.  PLEASE DISCUSS THIS KNOWLEDGE AND OPTION WITH YOUR VET, your vet can contact Massey for further information on:

Contact Kat or Jon at Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital - (06) 350 5329 or

Kat Crosse and Jonathan Bray 

Companion Animal Surgery Department, Massey University

Bee stings can be fatal to a bulldog - especially if they are stung in the mouth.  To prevent this, I removed flowering plants from the dog area.

**I also have children's Claratyne liquid formula in my dog kit**.  I have administered this and watched one of my bulldogs who got a sting on the chops (the area went hard and started to swell up), in this instance it worked.  One of my other girls I didn't catch so quickly was taken to the vets immediately for a steroid shot - her face blew up like a basketball.

Some Bulldogs have buoyancy.  None of mine have, they may like water, but all of mine would drown in deep water and we have often gone into surf to get them out of danger.  Every summer, I hear a story of a Bulldog drowning in a pool - BE AWARE OF THIS.

In summer time, we have a paddling pool for the dogs, it's about 10cms deep for them to cool off in and plenty of shade.

Heat is deadly to a bulldog.  In summer I only walk mine early in the morning and late in the evening.  The walks are often shorter then I would walk in the cooler months.

We provide more shade areas in summer and always have the water bowls continously fill.  If a dog starts to overheat, apply a wet cool towel on it and use a sipper bottle to squeeze small portions of water into it's mouth.  If in doubt, take it to your vet.

Theft.  Don't leave your bulldog unattended in a car, or outside your home when you are not home.  They are often stolen.


We provide a thorough puppy folder to assist you in the early days of owning a Bulldog. 

 After a time you too will be an expert.