Juniper and Marvel pups

           Due 2nd week of February 2019

Our first litter of pups from our Juniper (mostly Bratrice with Kelloe pedigree) and Connor (father is UK Champion and USA Grand Champion).  Juniper is a big girl a lovely red and white to Marvel, a deep red and white.

Juniper and Marvel have been evasively health tested for: 

**Breathing Obstruction (BOAS) - life ending for this breed. 

Juniper scored a grade '0' on the ETT test (perfect score).

Marvel has a large trachea (size 7 tube), he scored a grade 2 on the ETT.

**Vertebrae - life ending if too many in the lumbar region (4 is the maximum); Juniper has 2 hemi vertebrae (in thorasic region), Marvel has '0' hemi vertebrae.

** Both dogs have a good hip score.

** Elbows Both have sound elbows 

**Genetic Disease HUU (life ending for this breed) Both are clear of HUU 

We are very much looking forward to this litter fro Juniper and Marvel.

We feed our dogs Ultra Fish & Potato, any dog from us will be required to stay on Ultra.

If you are interested in one of our pups, please do not hesitate to contact us.