Bulldog puppies due

end of February 2021

Due to covid in 2020 we missed opportunities to breed our dogs.  We have completed a mating programme and have a confirmation of pups from Susie, with another litter confirmation to come.

We are Dogs New Zealand (NZ pedigree registry body) only Accredited Bulldog and Pug breeders.  To achieve this all our breeding dogs must be health tested.  Below is a list of the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) recommended health tests for the breeds pre-disposed health issue.

** We breed for breathing first and then structure**

Breathing Obstruction Airway Syndrome (BOAS) - life ending for this breed.  We run every dog through the exercise tolerance test and have our dogs graded.  We have several grade 0 (perfect), 1 and a couple of 2's.   

We have the trachea sizes checked using x-ray.

Vertebrae:  2 hemivertebrae in the thoracic region is normal for bulldogs with 6 being the maximum.  Hemi vertebrae in the lumber region is not recommended to breed from.

We use the Penn Hip score system wherever possible.

Patella have been checked on all dogs with a grade of '0' - no movement of the patella - perfect.

Genetic Disease HUU (life ending for this breed), all dogs have tested clear of HUU 


We test as above for breathing and structure.

Genetic tests we test for are PDE and DM.

We feed our dogs Ultra Fish & Rice, any dog from us will be required to stay on Ultra.

We health test all our breeding dogs and have 4 generations of health tested dogs. 

Past pups