Bulldog Availability

Happy to assist in understanding the best way to go about obtaining a quality bulldog.  This is an awesome breed when bred well, with research, care and the dogs and puppies wellbeing first.

We very rarely have adults for re-home.  This may happen on occasion, but is not a common occurrence for us.  

As of 2017, all our breeding dogs are health tested - PRIOR to being bred from.  Our health testing details are available on the Health Testing tab.  Dogs profiles include their Health tests outcomes.

We have a long history of breeding, with many thriving bulldogs in happy homes.  When getting a bulldog from us, you are getting a long proven history of health, confirmation and careful, considered breeding.

  • We are happy to work with approved transport agents to send pups worldwide (transport costs at new owner’s expense).
  • We provide preparation advice to assist with a smooth transition for puppy and the new family.  (Puppy ‘How too’ folder provided with pup when going to new home).  We are always available for questions and of course update pics and stories of the pups new life.
  • Pups have been vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, micro-chipped and have had a thorough vet check.

Enquiries to include information into the life a bully pup will have with you.  We will reply to all enquiries, and may seek further information from you.  (please phone or email). 

We do not offer advice / comments on other breeders bulldogs – this is a sales technique used by unscrupulous breeders.

  • All pups will be Dogs New Zealand Kennel Club (DNZ) Pedigree Registered.
  • Please note: We have been asked a lot about health issues, within our own dogs /puppies bred.  In our 10 year history of breeding we have had:
  • No skin issues.
  • No Cardiovascular (heart) disease.
  • No airway disease.
  • No skeletal issues.
  • 8 Cherry eyes
  • 2 dog with hairs on his inner eyelid (removed)
  • 2 dogs with a tail that required to be straightened as they curled into themselves.
  • 1 dog who had no desire to drink water.  Hydration is maintained via adding his daily water requirements to his food and making a juice of meat and water.
  • 2 pups at a peak growth spurt or season (female) got a localised mange spot.  Treated by the vet and cured.  After this experience we recommend Advocate be applied to a pup during a growth spurt (6-9 months) accompanied by an illness, comes into season or suffers a trauma to assist their immune system during a stressful time and will prevent a mange spot occurring. 
  • We are happy to work with loving families and our preferred shipping agent to transport a pup overseas. 
  • Our dogs are family members are free range; so our dogs are very inquisitive, busy and active.  They are not a traditional lazy, sedate bulldogs, so expect a lot of fun and excitement.