Sunny -

Highlandowns Sun Tzu of Doukraan

Date of Birth: 24 January 2016

Pedigree Summary:  We are very fortunate to have Sunny with his pedigree.  Highlandowns built their pedigree from 2 of the longest standing Pug Breeders in New Zealand, Saylecrest and Moyvane.  The pedigree oozes a long history of health, confirmation and soundness.  It is a privilege to own a Highlandowns Pug thank you Gail and Rus.

Type:  Sunny is in proportion to himself.  He has a wonderful expression with eye set back in the skull.  His tail is lovely and his movement sound.  His is only young and will continue to fill out.

Temperament:  Sunny loves being a part of everything in the home.  He loves every bulldog here and is wonderful with the children.  His energy and inquisitive nature matches the children.

Why a Pug?  We love the brachycephalic expression and have always admired the Pug.  Our daughter wants to show with mum.  She has handled the bulldogs successfully in the ring as they know what to do.  However a Pug she can easily manage.  What better opportunity to pursue another brachycephalic breed?

Retained Progeny:  nil to date

Where is he now?: with us.