Peppa -

Highlandowns Wan of Doukraan

Date of Birth: 11 September

Pedigree Summary:  We are very fortunate to have Peppa and her pedigree.  Highlandowns built their pedigree from 2 of the longest standing Pug Breeders in New Zealand, Saylecrest and Moyvane.  The pedigree oozes a long history of health, confirmation and soundness.  It is a privilege to own a Highlandowns Pug thank you Gail and Rus.

Type:  Peppa is a compact yet robust Pug.  She is still developing with promise of a lovely head.  Her movement is sound and fluid.  Looking forward to her show debut in October 2017.

Temperament:  Peppa is a little diva, loves attention and typical of a Pug, takes no prisoners.  She loves dogs, children and people, so fits in well here at Doukraan.  She has a lot of energy and inquisitive nature, matches perfectly to the children.

Why a Pug?  We love the brachycephalic expression and have always admired the Pug.  Our daughter wants to show with mum.  She has handled the bulldogs successfully in the ring as they know what to do.  However a Pug she can easily manage.  What better opportunity to pursue another brachycephalic breed?

Retained Progeny:  nil to date

Where is she now?: with us.  

Health Testing Results:

* Penn hip score -good 

* Vertebrae score ‘0’ - top score 

* Patella score ‘0’ 

* Top knee score elbow score ‘0’

* Excellent ETT score grade 1 - breathing test very good 

* PDE genetic test ‘nn’ - best result (PDE is life ending) 

* DM genetic test - clear best result and again life ending.