Susie - Doukraan Rock'n'Roll Susie

Born May 2018

Pedigree Summary:  Susie is predominantly Kelloe bred from her mother Ginger, we have used our boy Marvel from imported USA semen to introduce diversity into this side of our kennel.  

Type:  Susie is a sporty type, with good bone.  She is fit, strong and very agile.  She is a pretty girl with a clean face.

Temperament:  Susie is a lot of fun.  She is 100% committed in everything she does.  No half measures.

Health:  Susie was health prior to mating.  She got a grade 1 for her BOAS, very good hips, 1 hemi vertebrae in the thoracic region, grade 0 patella, passed her heart certificate and is clear of genetic disease HUU.  Susie is a proud example of our continued health testing.