Rosemarie - Doukraan Beautiful Colision


Born: 25 May 2015

Pedigree Summary:  Rosemarie is a long awaited pup from Doukraan bred Champion Lucy and SpencerLucy and Spencer have wonderful head and expressions, balanced body with strong bone and wonderful clean movement.  Rosemarie holds so much promise, we are very excited to watch her develop.  The pedigree match up is planned and highly desirable.

Type:  Rosemarie is very tidy in shape, balanced in confirmation, yet with solid bone and sound movement.  Her expression is lovely.

Temperament: Rosemarie is very sweet.  She wags her tail every chance she can.  She loves company and the fireplace dog beds when it is cold.

Retained Progeny:  Nil to date.

Where is she now?:  with us.

Rosemarie Health Test Results

Penn Hip Result:   Distraction Index 0.57 (result below)

Vertebrae:             1 Hemi-vertebrae

Elbows:                  No lesions or deformaties

Trachea:                Size 6.5 tube

HUU:                      Clear


BOAS Exercise Tolerance Test:  Pass

Rosemarie had an airway assessment with results open nostrils, inverted saccules (inplace), trachea open and breathing 100% into her lungs.  Her palate had a thickening which we had reduced.

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