FAITH - Champion Mauriterangi Faith Doukraan

Date of Birth: 24 September 2016

Pedigree Summary: Faith is from a planned mating between parents;  mother Parris (bred by Doukraan, loved and family of Danielle) with alternate Kelloe pedigree on both sides of her lineage and a lovely petite, yet solid build to the father Leo, with a strong Kelloe and Australian pedigree (Bratrice), a solid yet compact male with a lovely head.  This combination has huge potential and one we are excited to watch progress.

Type:  Faith has a beautiful expression placement (she is pretty) and a feminine body.  Very busy, healthy and lively.  She has a fluid bulldog movement, clean - not clunky.  She is growing gradually and has been showing only a handful of times, wining her age group and a reserve bitch.  We look forward to her show campaign beginning August 2017.

Temperament:  Faith is a lovely soft girl, who loves cuddles.  Fun and always in the middle of a group play session.  Has the 'Look At Me' attitude.

Retained Progeny:  nil to date

Where is he now?: with us.  Faith has great potential to offer future Doukraan Bulldogs 

Faith Health Test Results

Penn Hip Result:   hip dysplasia.

Vertebrae:             4 Hemi-vertebrae

Elbows:                  No lesions or deformaties

Trachea:                Size 9 tube (size 7 is a labrador)

HUU:                      Clear

BOAS Exercise Tolerance Test:  Pass

As Faith's movement is flawless and with bulldog muscle, it is unlikely she will ever suffer hip issues; with Faiths airways being amazing, I have had 2 vets recommend we have 1 litter with Faith with a health tested male (e.g. Marvel) with a good hip score and test her pups at 4 months to view improvement.  I have had hip score improvement with this method.  Exciting to progress this size airway in the breed.

A big Thank You to Danielle and her Whanau for allowing us to have Faith, love her, show her and in time, progress the Bulldog breed.

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